Melanie Touchstone | May 3, 2019

In a world in which every brand is competing for your attention and consumers have more choices than ever, great content is everything. A recent Adobe study asked consumers what the most important characteristics of good content are. Here’s what they said. 


There are few things less frustrating than finding competing answers to a question you’re researching online. If you want returning visitors or fans, make sure that the content you put into the world is accurate. No one wants fake news. 


How many times have you clicked on a headline only to find nothing of substance in an article? Your audience’s time is valuable, your content should be as well. 


Consumers are overwhelmed. Period. Cutting through the noise is essential for brands and the best way to do it is by keeping it simple. Whether it is design, copy, UX, If what you have to offer is complex, hard to find, time consuming or requires an explanation, you are going to lose your audience. 

Keep these three characteristics in mind when you’re developing content. Remember, you’re building for your audience, not yourself.   

An example of this could be when a fan posts a photo of an amazing meal at a new restaurant. The restaurant would then obtain permission to share the photo on their brand channel, crediting the customer. It can be a win-win – the restaurant gets strong content and the fan gets a public shoutout – something that not only makes them feel good, but can also be beneficial to them if they’re looking to gain visibility on social media. It also helps create a stronger brand-customer relationship. 


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