The I-want-to-know moment

Melanie Touchstone | June 8, 2019

You know those moments when a question pops in your head and you instinctively turn to your phone to look up the answer? Google defines this as an “I-want-to-know” micro-moment. For brands, it’s a touchpoint opportunity with consumers. They may not be in purchasing mode, but the right content and SEO strategy can get your brand into the consideration set early on.

“I-want-to-know” moments are those moments when when someone is exploring or researching, but is not necessarily in purchase mode. The most common of these moments occur around someone looking for general knowledge – such as “where are the Beatles from”, food and grocery related questions, and shopping. 

For marketers, these moments should be about providing simple, easy, accurate information. Thought leadership and brand authority can be established here, and for product marketing, it is an opportunity to get your brand into the consideration set early on. 


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