Your Employees
are your influencers

Melanie Touchstone | April 8, 2019

People trust people more than they trust brands. This is the basis for influencer marketing. We’ve recently seen a decline in the effectiveness of celebrity influencer marketing and the reason is obvious – when celebrities are constantly advertising to their followers, they start looking like brands not like people. Authenticity goes out the window.

What more and more companies are realizing is that they already have a pool of influencers right in front of them – their employees. 

An employee influencer program is a marketing tactic every brand should be thinking about. Employees know your brand better than anyone, their advocacy could boost morale and even company loyalty. It’s also much more cost-effective.

When starting an employee influencer program, make sure you’ve outlined a variety of influencer categories that require varying levels of effort, for example, those that share content vs. create content. Make sure it is a 100% voluntary process and remember that quality over quantity always wins.


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